A common goal

“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1). The best example I can think of for brethren dwelling together in unity is the United States. Although some people may think the men who designed our government were brilliant, I believe they had divine inspiration and may have even used Psalm 133:1 as a guide for our country.

Initially, the United States was intended to be a Christian nation. Our pledge of allegiance stated that we were to be one nation under God. The interesting thing about our country is that it is unique in the world. No other country has been able to replicate the way we govern ourselves as independent states with a common federal system linking them together.

The nation of Israel under David’s leadership became a type of United States in that each of the clans or tribes of Israel lived in their own territories and acted independently of each other, but under David’s reign they united and followed him with one heart (1 Chronicles 12:38).

One of the characteristics of unity that is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted is the absence of conflict. The United States’ Civil War was a bloody battle that threatened to split our country in two. Since that time, there have been no such wars within our borders. It is definitely good and pleasant to live in peace, but very difficult to maintain it when there are varying opinions about what is acceptable.

There is more to unity than living within the same borders or the absence of conflict. I believe there is an element of unity that has to do with shared or common goals. You might call it the tie that binds because it is this element that keeps things together and makes it possible for conflicts to be resolved. The common goal of the tribes of Israel was the removal of foreigners from the Promised Land. Only some areas were secure and free from warfare. David gave the people hope that if they fought together as they had when they first entered the Promised Land, they could overcome all their enemies and live in peace.

David was a valiant warrior and his mighty men were the best of the best at defeating strong enemies. His leadership was the key to success when it came to bringing together men of diverse backgrounds. David had a way of finding the common denominator and was able to communicate his vision in a way that enabled complete unity among the tribes. David’s reign lasted a short 40 years. Although he accomplished many important things during that time, the unification of the tribes was probably the most miraculous.

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