You only die once

I believe there are some people that think God doesn’t know what he is doing. They have spent a lot of time trying to figure things out and have decided that the world just doesn’t make sense. In Psalm 104, the Psalmist said, “O LORD, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all: The earth is full of thy riches” (Psalm 104:24).

The word translated wisdom, chokmâh (khok – maw´) means experience (2451). I don’t know if any of those people that think God doesn’t know what he’s doing have considered the possibility that God has done this before, created other worlds or universes besides ours, but it seems like there is a possibility that he has.

The place we call Heaven is a world in and of itself. It exists in another dimension and has a purpose that is not fully disclosed in the Bible. Since God is an eternal being, it is reasonable to assume that he exists in an eternal place. That place would not have been created by God, it coexists with him.

One of the aspects of experience that God does not possess is the ability to learn. God does not get smarter over time. He knew everything there was to know from the beginning. Even though God does not learn, I think he tries stuff. For example, when God parted the Red Sea, he had never done anything like that before, so he was in a way trying I out to see what it would be like, what effect it would have on the Israelites and Egyptians.

A lot of times, God only does things once. We sometimes refer to these kinds of things as miracles. They are not miracles because they are hard or impossible to repeat, they are miracles because they have never happened before and likely will never happen again.

An advantage that God had as the creator of the universe in which we live is that he got to create his own birthplace. I can’t imagine what God was thinking when he decided to become like one of his creatures, but it might have been that he wanted to try out being human. In addition to birth, as a man, God would also experience death. Since Jesus is referred to as God’s only begotten son (John 3:18), living as a human was something that God would only do once.

Even though God probably enjoyed being human, he chose to limit himself to only 33 years living as a man on earth. It was probably not the experience of living he was looking for, but the experience of dying. It think it is interesting that the thing most humans want to avoid, God made an intentional effort to experience.

It says in Hebrews 9:27 that “it is appointed unto men once to die.” I think it is possible that death will turn out to be the best thing we will ever experience as humans, at least for believers anyway. It could be that death is a like a miracle and by experiencing it we will get a glimpse into what it felt like for God to become a man, only in reverse. We will travel or be transported from a finite world into the eternal place where God exists. Angels will escort us into the presence of the LORD and we will see him face to face and immediately know everything about what God was doing in our lives, in intimate detail. I’m pretty sure it will be a glorious experience or it wouldn’t make sense that God made sure everyone got to do it at least once.

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