An attitude of happiness

During the time when Lucifer was the worship leader of heaven, he probably discovered the power music has to affect moods. I think one of the ways he gets us to do what he wants us to is to get us in a bad mood. Some people seem to always be in a bad mood, especially older people that suffer from chronic pain and have disabilities.

Music can not only affect our moods, it can reinforce or develop attitudes that are responsible for our behavior patterns. That is why worship through music is so important to the health of our relationship with God.

In addition to making sacrifices in the tabernacle of God, the Levites were designated musicians that performed specific songs of worship. Initially, the musicians were like strolling minstrels that were constantly moving while they played instruments and sang. After the ark of the covenant came to rest in a permanent location, the musicians waited or stood still (5975) and ministered based on their right or privilege to enter into the presence of God (1 Chronicles 6:31-32).

There is an element of transformation that occurs during the worship of God. In a sense, we are able to transcend circumstances. We connect with God in a spiritual realm that we typically do not have access to, similar to the holy of holies in the tabernacle of God. Satan does everything he can to keep us out of this realm because he knows that it is where an attitude of happiness begins to enter our hearts.

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