A Rebuilt Life: Recovering from the Trauma of Rape

Trauma need not be a life sentence. Of all the maladies that attack the human organism, trauma may ultimately be one that is recognized as beneficial. I say this because in the healing of trauma, a transformation takes place – one that can improve the quality of life. – Dr. Peter A. Levine

Recovering from the trauma of rape can be a lifelong process that is seldom completed. Many women that have experienced rape are reluctant to talk about it and don’t know where to turn for real answers to their difficult questions. The Old Testament of the Bible contains what a lot of people today might think to be useless and often times boring information, but hidden within the pages of these ancient texts are some important lessons about how God worked to save the Israelites and to transform the lives of his chosen people. In her book “A Rebuilt Life: Recovering from the Trauma of Rape” Calleen Hough focuses on the Israelites return to their homeland after they were exiled in Babylon for 70 years. Linking the timeless story of Nehemiah, who rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem in just 52 days, to her personal experience of transformation, Calleen retraces the steps she took to recover from the trauma of rape.

A Rebuilt Life is available through Kindle Publications and can only be purchased on Amazon. All of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be going to the non-profit organization Anuenue Ministries, Inc. This company was established by Calleen’s family to manage the activities of her writing ministry, Partnership of Women Experiencing Rape. Anuenue Ministries’ Mission Statement is “To share the love of Christ and to serve God’s people according to the abilities God has given us in order to bring glory to God and his kingdom.”